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Our Value Proposition

Value 1

Flexibility in planning your camps

We are able to customize programs based on your requirements (age group, preferred English level), allowing you to comfortably plan your camps in Singapore

Value 2

Providing a wide range of courses

We have a wide range of courses ranging from STEM to language and art courses, saving you from the need to contact multiple course providers

Value 3

Connecting on a personalized level

Being an international team, we take the time to understand your requirements in your local language, with a quick 48-hour response time

Our Programmes

Programme 1
Programme 2
Programme 3

Half-Day Program

Partners can pick and choose from all the half-day program we offer to suit their schedules

Customized Camp

Partners can leave the end-to-end camp planning process to us, with a comprehensive package including programmes that are tailored to their preference

Apollo Program

Partner schools will be able to send their students to Singapore to equip them with business skills in one of Asia’s top entrepreneurial hubs

Our Courses

YCP Education offers a holistic range of programs, spanning from STEM-related lessons to artistic appreciation sessions, for children from the ages of 6 to 18. As part of our customized camp service, you will be able to pluck and paste the relevant programs for the camp group you are looking to bring to Singapore from the following list.

Our Strengths as YCP Education

Global Footprint

With around 10 years in the education business in 5 countries, we have the deep expertise to curate programs that would be the most relevant for the current education scene

Managed by global consulting firm, YCP Solidiance

Our curriculum is devised by our consultants from schools including University of Chicago and Cornell University, allowing us to understand and devise the right content to grow the leaders of tomorrow

Focus on practical, real-world business skills

As a global consulting firm, we understand the importance of business skills, and we have a strong focus on imparting such real-world skills to children

Case Study

Case 1

Thai group with 40 students from 10-11 years old, engaging in a 2-day robotics course

Case 2

Japanese group with 156 students from 16-17 years old, engaging in various half-day courses

Client Testimonials

Testimonial 1

From the parent of a participant of B2C Summer Camp:

“Our child has truly enjoyed himself in the camp! He gained more confidence in speaking English and has taken an interest in robotics and coding after the camp.”

Testimonial 2

From a partner Japanese school regarding our B2B camp services:

“Working with YCP Education has been a breeze, because they are the only ones who have taken the time out to understand our school’s situation, and to customize a suitable camp in response.”

Testimonial 3

From a partner travel agency in Thailand regarding our B2B camp services:

“YCP Education has done a perfect job in executing the curriculum and in the provision of amenities for our students. I will use their services again for future camp groups looking to go to Singapore.”

Our Partner & Clients


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